Sunday, August 01, 2004

Delivery Notification Doesn't Appear with Specify Now Binding 

Now, I don't pretend to understand this, so if someone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it :)

I have a web port type defined in orchestration to a OneWay web service. When I create a port based on the web port type and I select Specify Now in the port configuration, then the Delivery Notification property doesn't appear. If I go into the port properties window and change the binding to Specify Later, the Delivery Notification property appears! Change the binding back, and it disappears again! Eh?

My guess is that the delivery notification property is implicitly set when using the SOAP adapter (which is the default using a web port type and specifying the binding in the orchestration), therefore the reason why the property disappears from the property window. By setting the binding to specify later, it is unknown what adapter will be used, therefore offering the delivery notification property to be changed. From what I understand, if a SOAP fault occurs in the SOAP adapter, the SOAP fault is automatically returned to BizTalk, so would explain why the property doesn't appear if the adapter used is SOAP when specifying the binding in orchestration.

However, my dilemma is that I've specified that the web service is OneWay (which the port type understands and only offers a request message to bind to). In this instance, I have no response, but would still like to know if the adapter was able to deliver the request, hence the reason for using the delivery notification mechanism in this scenario.

Is this a bug? Answers on a postcard please...

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