Monday, December 13, 2004

Reserved Keywords and Distinguished Fields 

Just a quick issue I discovered the other day with one of my schemas. I added an element called timeout with some child elements to the schema (days, hours, minutes, seconds), promoted the child elements as distinguished fields and then tried to use the schema in my orchestration.

Every time I tried to use the promoted property days using myMessage.Blah.timeout.days, I kept getting a squiggly red line under timeout and days with the error: unexpected keyword: timeout, cannot find symbol ''

The issue is because the timeout name is an XLANG/s reserved keyword. Therefore, if you want to promote a field as a distinguished field to be used in an orchestration, then make sure that no elements exist that are named the same as XLANG/s reserved keywords in the path up to the root element.

When oh when will Microsoft junk XLANG/s and just use C#???

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